Lower your electric bills with our solar energy services in San Bernardino, CA

Electric bills are expensive, but they don't have to be. With the right equipment, you can tap into free solar energy. To take advantage of solar energy in the Denver, CO or San Bernardino, CA area, work with Summit Solar and Roofing for solar energy services. We'll install solar panels on your home with care and precision. Call 909-881-2699 now to ask about solar energy services.

What can you expect us to do?

You can expect us to improve your home's energy efficiency, first with assessment and improvement, then with solar panel installation.

You'll learn about your home's energy use from our assessment, which includes:

  • Energy efficiency testing
  • Insulation examination
  • Attic fan assessment
  • Smart thermostat evaluation

We'll help you optimize your home. Then, we'll provide solar panel installation services. We'll make it convenient by managing inspections, permitting and utility company interconnection. Plus, you'll get an affordable installation with our no money down pricing.